Active Tourism Charter

Charters turismo activo náutico

Charter Inad offers all customers the opportunity to enjoy an active tourism, based on 3 points:

1 Nature
Enjoy the sea in his State more pure and natural, idyllic beaches, without crowds of people, and enjoying the exclusivity of bathing on deserted beaches.

2 Health
With this nautical tourism you will get to enjoy nature, forget the stress, the rush and the hustle and bustle and noise getting a beneficial state of relaxation and pleasure.

3. Activity
Sailing, fishing, scuba diving, swimming, are all the activities that you can perform in this nautical charter.

Active tourism offering Charter Inad focuses on a fantastic cocktail full of positive and memorable experiences at sea. The menorquin 150 " Es Cau" gives you the ability to navigate safely and comfortably in one of the best ships of Mediterranean essence. It will allow you to enjoy large areas to relax and soak up the Sun, easy access to bath, and a cabin to your evenings. Our service of nautical tourism aims to relax you, teach and practice any kind of water sport. Charter Inad, wants to show you the wonders of the Mediterranean coast next to fantastic excursions to Islands, nature reserves, and ports with charm, where you can experiment with the typical gastronomy of each zone.

turismo cultural en barco


Inside the offer of Active tourism that we offer we offer him to complement the charter one with other activities like routes of 4x4, Kayacs, quads, cultural and gastronomic visits and all that that it occurs to be able to do of its holidays an unforgettable experience.

Our success recipe to achieve it, is to offer a service professional and personalized across(through) an excellent craft as it is the Menorquin 150

The offer in charters active tourism qualifies in: