Information Sportfishing in Barcelona

Charter pesca Barcelona

Organize introductory and advanced courses for those fishermen who want to start or improve sport fishing and specialist fishing techniques such as jigging or spinning.

In these courses you will learn to prepare a fishing trip, the type of material and techniques to catch fish depending on your location and the time.

For all this we will have all the necessary equipment for each person, and a very comfortable boat to develop the fishery and teaching.

A professional guide fisherman, with a long experience, will teach the best techniques and the types of fish that can be found by the waters of the coast of Barcelona. has a rent boat for doing fishing trips in Barcelona. We maybe have a gift cards.



Fishing Workshop Barcelona

The schedule of courses is:    

  • 04th March 2018
  • 1th April 2018
  • 6th May 2018
  • 3th June 2018
  • 1th July 2018

The courses shall be subject to form groups of at least 5 people and a maximum of 10 and the weather.






Fishing Workshop Barcelona with the Menorquin Yacht:


  • Skipper, fuel
  • fishing Guide
  • insurance and licence of fishing
  • material for fishing.
  • drinks.
90€/p.p (Máx. 8 pers.)

All prices are VAT included

Our fishing guide is Toni Alavedra, multimodality a fisherman with a long and extensive career.

Maritime Museu de Barcelona organizes the last Saturday of each month, course fishing kite fishing guide from embarcación.Nuestro Alavedra Toni has produced an information dossier, with explanations and the most basic tips to get started in fishing the kite from a boat. The information dossier consists of the following index:

  • explanation of the fishing zones in the sea of Barcelona.
  • Presentation material for fishing
  • type of fish

Then title and summary, we will explain the basic features and required to practice fishing kite material.

Kite Fishing is good because Barcelona is influenced by rivers: Llobregat and Besos. This freshwater input fertilizes the sea area and enriches their productivity. Furthermore, it benefits from the fact that is not allowed in front of commercial fishing Barcelona coastline, thereby encouraging, a larger number of fish. Bottom fishing is done mainly on rocky bottom. The rocks in the Barcelona area, the front of the Forum found at a depth of about 50m, and the area of Badalona and Masnou.

MATERIAL needed for bottom fishing is:

Reed: It is tip action. A resistance proportional to the line or power lead weight. Their length varies depending on the number of hooks, and our experience. The most common is longuitud rods between: 1.80 and 3 meters. Reeds is suitable who are made of carbon and are very light.

The Reel: With respect to the spool, the most important is that is lightweight and medium sized. one example is the Shimano bjen: Size 4000.

Thread: Use the type: Dyneema (trenado). It is an opaque string and is characterized by its elasticity and reduced diameter. These qualities are trasnmitem chopped with greater sensitivity. The "on line" compose about 6 feet Nylon transparent thread diameter and 0.30mm. Trenado resistance wire is about 10kg (20lliures).

The kite:'s system itself. The form a set of between 1 and 4 hooks, attached to a rather long kite, which in turn is tied to a main line. The extent or size of the hooks varying number 8 to number 5.

Lead. The double lead weight in grams to the depth in meters, which intend to fish. An example: if you fish at a depth of 50m, use a lead of 100 grams. It is interesting to take a rotating lead.

The Knot: Used to attach the trenado thread and transparent line low. The name of the node, we use, is: Al-bright. Attached is a link, to see the development of this classic fisherman knot.

The bait: Squid strips are mainly used Patagonia. This bait can be purchased frozen in large commercial cone Siren. It is a very good consistency bait, practical and attractive to all kinds of fish. Another excellent bait is fresh shrimp and white and is available in fish markets. Also, squid and shrimp, we may also use the worms. There are many kinds and for all tastes, but would highlight the American worm, by giving good results with the catch of scup

Salabre: It's another tool you always will have on board, and use it mainly for those catches a nice size. Must be given when empezemos salabre get the fish out of water, in order not to lose to upload it to the deck. We strongly recommend that salabre mesh is a soft tissue, to avoid damaging the skin of the fish, if we return it to the water alive.

Fish. One of the most common capture, by their greed and wealth is the Serrano. The pajel, however is much more selective, and very popular among anglers. This fish is usually fish in gravel bottoms and around the rocks. The bream is quite common in Barcelona, and is found in sandy bottoms, like the spider fish, you have to go very carefully to be verenoso. In summer and autumn season is mackerel and jacks that occupy the waters of Barcelona. Occasionally, you can also capture hake.