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Menorquin Yacht

the motor boat with which we offer our services of nautical activities and trips in Barcelona is the Menorquin Yacht 150 "Es cau" from the Port Forum ( Barcelona) Our boat engine in Barcelona, is ideal for doing trips and charters around Barcelona because the yacht is very comfort, warm and safety. Photos the boat.

Professional Skipper of pleasure/recreational boats.

El patrón profesional Dani MarínCharter Inad is managed by Dani Marin, professional skipper of recreational boats (PPER).

This professional qualification credits me to govern vessels up to 24 meters in length and move to 12 people.

 As professional and port skipper, Charter Inad offers the management of boats for charter, either individual owners or companies.









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News of Charter Inad

22-09-2017 wants to thank all the customers and friends fishermen, from all over the world, the opinions they have left in the travel Portal: Trip Advisor . Our tours &  boat trips  and water sports in Barcelona with the rental boat: Menorquin Yacht "Es cau” have the certificate of excellence in Trip Advisor. 

22-09-2017 made the last weekend a sport fishing workshop in Barcelona.  We catched a beautiful barracuda by the technique of Curry coast. I leave the link with the video capture:  Https:// 


22-09-2017 "charters, nautical services and brokerage" sells a llaüt Menorquin Yacht 36 Solarium-List 7 ª year: 2006 in perfect condition, with engine Solé Diesel 30, 90Kw, equipped and with all permits and inspections per day. it has a capacity for 7 pax.

11-09-2017 & fishing Guide: Toni Alavedra are making dynamic fishing charters of the Llampuga in Barcelona. This species is fished using the trolling fishing technique and during the months of September and October.

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