Pearly razorfish - Xyrichtys novacula

catch a Pearly razorfish in BARCELONE with

Description : It is a species of fish of the family “ labridos” and is popularly called “ Lorito ” for its colors. It is highly appreciated and quoted in the local gastronomy of the Balearic Islands and on the peninsular coast, becoming "the most expensive fish in Spain. This type of fish can be found in the menu of important restaurants in Barcelona. It is a species that is protected by closures in the Balearic community. This species lives on sandy, shallow backgrounds. Males are larger than females and greenish in color while they are pinkish. They fishing by rod and hook and also with net.  

Size:  Maximum size is : 30 cm. Males are larger than females.

Diet: small mollusks and crabs, gambits and worms. 

When Do you catch it in Barcelona: June until September. 

Fishing Technique: Bottom Fishing. 

As food: Grill