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Home / Blog / Family Fishing Workshop Barcelone & extends the offer in sport fishing trips in Barcelona, with our fishing yacht “ es cau” & Harbor  : Port Fòrum de BCN , with: the  family fishing workshops. It’s a  courses of initiation and improvement to sport fishing from boat in the sea of Barcelona. These workshops and courses are designed and destined, for parents to come with their children, to learn to fish , know the sea and connect with nature. 

We are looking for families who want to live a beautiful experience, in a large safe and comfortable boat,  by a professional crew and with a long experience in the world of sport fishing from a boat in Barcelona. We shared fishing trip aren’t private . 

Our intention is to find a minimum of three families and a maximum of four families, so that they want to enjoy, learn and know the different species that can be caught in Barcelona, with the different techniques of sport fishing from boat: Bottom fishing, jigging fishing, spinning fishing, and trolling fishing. and the sport fishing staff will prepare the fishing material: rods, natural and artificial baits, reels and lines more  and a graphic material so that you know the species that inhabit the sea of Barcelona. 

We want families to connect to nature, knowing the marine environment and it’s fragilities, to learn to respect and protect it while we sail through the Mediterranean Sea of Barcelona, and to practice sustainable fishing .

The fishing workshops and family courses of sport fishing in Barcelona are held in the middle of each month, when the weather conditions are the best for doing a safety fishing tour and  where parents and children can enjoy the sea, the fishing experience with total comfort. 

Family workshops for initiation and improvement of sport fishing will be: 

about 3h 1/2 , start around 09:30am – and end around 13:00am. 

The price of family fishing courses: Parents & children is : 150€/ one adult one children.

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