Skipper services for yachts in Barcelone:

charter formación Barcelona With more than 10 years of experience in the nautical services about charters, transfers and maintenance. We manage the maintenance of the yachts in Barcelone, and also We does transfer of boats and formation. For news skippers and owners.

We know and work with the profesional crew for your yacht. offers a professional boat transfer service, small and medium-sized by land or sea, with the best team of professionals for effective and safe transfers. can help you and your yacht  to enjoy your navigation .

Our nautical services for you and your yacht are:

  • Yacht transfers by land and sea
  • Formation .
  • Cleaning yachts in Barcelone Harbor.

Yacht transfer by sea and land.


transfer catamaran sail yacht by sea with

traslado neumática por tierra by & nautical staff we want to help you in making the transfer of your boat. We have patterns and towing services, to be able to carry out a transfer safely, efficiently and quickly.

We have a great nautical team, with a long experience and the necessary means to be able to carry out the transfer of your boat, sailboat or catamaran to any harbor of the Mediterranean.

We will analyze and study all the variables: type of boat, routes, ports and meteorology to be able to make the transfer at the best price.

Yacht Transfer by Sea


skipperinad on board catamaran Premia - Torrevieja & nautical team can transfer your sailboat, yacht and catamaran to any Mediterranean port. We carry out transfers of boats from the 10 meters to 24 meters.

The basic principles of to do a transfer of a boat, by sea, are:

1- We will never make transfers alone. There will always be at least two skippers.

2- We will make a checking list before setting sail, making sure that the boat has: all safety equipment in order, engine, navigation equipment.

3- Documentation and insurance in force.

4- “ Check of oil levels in engines, revision of the corresponding bilges, and if you have replacement material plus the corresponding tools to change oil filters, alternator .. In the event that the vessel is sailing, the sail will be checked.

5- Together with the shipowner, the route to follow will be drawn, managing the final mooring, and forecasting of money and port in case fuel is needed.

6- Three meteorological parts will be studied to ensure a journey with good sea and favorable winds.

7- Water and diesel tanks must be full.

8- The boat must be provided with food, drinks, as well as pots and paellas for cooking.

9- It will communicate at the port of departure, destination, people on board.

10- The ship must have a good state of storage, prepared for navigation, and without any I LEGALITY.

THE PRICE OF OUR SERVICES: mades a good budgets with all information and conditions of each transfer. We will study the transfer yacht by sea and We present you an offer for doing a professional service at a reasonable and fair price.

The shipowner or company shall face all the expenses of allowances, transfers and unforeseen events that appear before and during the voyage.

The indicative price of our transfer services are:

Price of 3€/ nautical miles with the owner. the expenses of: diets unforeseen transfers.

Price of 5€ /nautical miles with 2 skippers . Not included: Diets, transfers, gasoil, water ..

~ VAT not included in the price.

~ Budgets are made according to the needs of each client.

Transfers yacht by land

transfer by land charterinad in collaboration with a professional of boat transfers by land - David’ s skipper , offers the possibility of boat and pneumatic transfers by land.

Our long experience in overland transfers through our vehicles and trailers, allows us to take your boats to the Balearic Islands or pick up your boat in one of the main Balearic Islands, and take them to the peninsula.

Our ground transfer services include boats: pneumatics, llauts and small sailboats, up to about 8m.  In the event that the ground transfer, whether for larger vessels, we will study the transfer by trucks specialized in the transport of yachts of more than 8 meters.

We carry out transfers of sailboats of regattas, both for the Iberian Peninsula, for the Balearic Islands, as well as for the foreigner.

The characteristics of this service are:

Ww make the transfer by land with a "Ranchera" trailers.

We have different trailers, to carry out the transfer to any point you want. 

For boat and pneumatic transfers with towing vehicle, our offer in this service is:

  • 1– The customer must face the costs of going up and down the boat to the trailer with the crane of the boat or port.
  • 2- you must have the documentation in order, with the specifications of the boat: Height, weight..
  • 3- You must manage the place of loading and unloading the vessel.

If you need a budget, please, could you send me an email. We will study your transfer .

Training Charter by Menorquin in Barcelona.

Learn to sailing in the Barcelona Sea.


SkipperInad provides the opportunity to all those nautical graduates without experience to learn and practice the basic aspects of navigation. The teaching is combined with the stay overnight at the boat. The idea is to combine this charter with other cultural activities like visiting cities or practicing sports such as fishing all this with the family or with friends.

Training sailing course

The intention is to combine this charter with other activities, whether cultural, (visit other cities) or sports such as fishing, with the possibility of making it with family and friends. Charter specialization navigation Skipper Inad wants to offer a service called: Charter of specialization. This service is based on offering all the nautical graduates without experience, learn the basics of navigation. Education will be combined with the stay in the boat, with the intention to obtain all feelings: amenities and disadvantages of living in a boat. The idea is to offer this type of charter in BARCELONA, who have a huge tourist attractions for the visitor. The client, on the same weekend, will gain confidence in the art of sailing, will live on a boat, with your family or friends, and enjoy the offer of leisure, culture and gastronomy in these cities. The intention is to combine this charter with other activities, whether cultural, (visit other cities) or sports such as fishing and above all training. Both charters are intended to integrate sports activities, with training and to enjoy with family, with friends. There is currently no offer as clear and accurate in the field of nautical sports.

Cleaning and maintenance yacht. & skipperinad offers a private and effective boat cleaning and closing service taking advantage of the end of the summer season. It is always important, when winter comes, perform a final cleaning, mainly interior, pick up all the mats and store them inside the boat, place the winter season tarboards, and protect all those parts of the boat that are outside. It is also interesting to review bilges, look at oil levels and check engine filters.

We recommend once a month to perform a series of maintenance and evaluation tasks of the entire boat. Mainly motors, electronics, bilges and bilge pumps, to avoid damage and repairs in the future. has drawn up a list of actions for the correct maintenance and condition of your yacht.

If you need a budget, please, could you send me an email. We will study your transfer .

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