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Charter Inad & Classic yacht: Menorquin Yacht 150 “Es cau”, based at Port Fòrum, Barcelona will allow you to enjoy the Barcelone Sea, discover a new perspective of the city of Barcelona and live a great experience with a clear philosophy for protecting the Mediterranean Sea. Charter Inad offers the Menorquin Yacht for guided private tours, charters and nautical events in Barcelona.

Our Mission:

Charter Inad is a company providing nautical and charter services in the Sea of Barcelone, with the classic Menorquin Yatch .

We offer excursions and nautical tours always with the following attitude: Our willingness to be personalized and attentive with our sailing friends. Share our passion for the sea and at the same time bring to fruition the Charter Inad Project.

Respect the environment and promoting the Sailor’s tradition.


Charter Inad wants to set a good example of sustainability within the nautical activities sector in Barcelona, betting on the continuous improvement of our services and nautical activities, as well as the management and relationship with our customers.-


  • Professionally.
  • Personal.
  • Respect of the environment.



Charterinad.com is a member of “Barcelona + Sostenible”

Charterinad is committed to developing a more sustainable model of activities in Barcelona .

More information about Barcelona + Sostenible can be found at

Charterinad.com & Nautical staff take on the environmental commitments, to contribute our grain of sand, in the transformation of a more sustainable Barcelona.

In addition to performing good environmental practices, spread our philosophy in favor of the sea while minimizing the pollution and protecting its fauna.

Barcelona Sostenible is form by different entities, organizations and shops with a clear goal of incorporating sustainable criteria into our business model in order to be active agents in the protection of environment.


The goals of charterinad.com for sustainable .


  • Decrease and offset our carbon footprint
  • Mission: Reduce our environmental footprint..
  • Means: Navigating at speeds that decrease the diesel consumption.
  • Means :Compensate our CO2 emissions with donations to environmental projects.
  • Means :Dissemination of good practices such as “catch&release.
  • Dissemination: informing and educating our customers.
  • Reduce the largest number of plastics.
  • Mission: Reducing plastics on board.
  • Means: Reducing plastics on board Using renewable energies: Solar panels
  • + Means: Collecting plastics from the sea.

In charterinad.com we believe that it is necessary to activate a strong change aimed at protecting the marine environment with a model of nautical experiences services more committed to our social reality and taking the appropriate actions towards respecting the environment. A clear example is the prohibition of dispensable plastics on board of our yacht.

video Compromiso de charterinad.com por un mar sin plásticos.


Our main nautical activity in Barcelona is the fishing trip, either private or shared. In all of them we aim to: To improve and train in the art of sport fishing to all of our fishermen friends. To know and protect the marine shoots that inhabits the Sea of Barcelona, by capturing and releasing.

All our charters are nautical experiences to enjoy the sea, practice a sport and learn and protect the marine environment. We want to convey our passion for the sea and the need to take care and protect it. We would like to share with all of our customers environmental values that respect the marine environment, minimizing our pollution footprint and above all become aware that we need the sea and its fauna is of vital importance to our survival as specie.

Environmental Information of charterinad

Human activities have altered the natural cycle of the atmosphere by adding more CO2 to it. Reducing and eliminating natural sources to transform the CO2 we emit has become of vital importance to us. The main cause of the increase in CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere is mainly due to the burning of fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas) and deforestation.

The ocean plays a major and key role in maintaining the balance of the carbon cycle by absorbing the excess of CO2 from the atmosphere. When sea water absorbs CO2, chemical reactions take place, causing an increase of the ocean acidity. This increase in acidity makes it difficult for corals to build and maintain their skeletons, and for shellfish such as lobsters, scallops and clams to create their shells.

Keeping the current rate of increase in CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere will bring our ocean ecosystems to their limit of viability. Therefore it is very important to reduce and decrease CO2 emissions through personal actions in order to protect our ocean.

What is the carbon footprint?

The carbon footprint quantifies the impact that our activities have on the environment. It calculates the greenhouse gases (e.g. CO2), using the unit of measurement: Kg. Once the size and the footprint have been defined, it is possible to implement a strategy to reduce and compensate our emissions, through different actions, such as modifying our consumption habits, buying local products, using public transport and improving the energy efficiency of our homes.

What is the carbon footprint of our llaüt Menorquin Yacht?

The carbon footprint of our yacht (Llaüt Menorquin) that we cause when we conducting our fishing charters, excursions and tours to Barcelona is produced by the emission of CO2 during the combustion of the fuel (Diesel) by our engine and also from the use of the yacht generator. The carbon footprint of boats and yachts depends on many factors: Length, engines, fuel, efficiency and the number of hours of use of the engines, speed…

Our Menorquin yacht has the following characteristics:

Length: 15m Breadth: 5m Engines: 2-317CV Volvo from 2001 Fuel: Diesel, Speed (average): between 8 and 10 knots

Examples of our CO2 emissions are given below:

The nautical activities of charterinad.com carried out in the sea of Barcelona, have a carbon footprint ranging from 76.30 kg to 147.15 kg CO2 which corresponds to a service of 2 h at a speed of 8 knots and a service of 4 hours at a speed of 10 knots.

This amount results by multiplying the following 2 ingredients: The number of liters of diesel consumed by the engines per hour: 25 liter/hour. The corresponding emission factor: 2,7251kg CO2/liter.

The llaüt Menorquin Yacht 150 is a classic, large and slow boat. The cruising speed of our Menorquin yacht is between 8 – 10 knots. Cruising at such velocities diminishes the fuel consumption to low levels and therefore our carbon footprint is low compared to other faster motor yachts with high fuel consumption. Additionally we feature solar panels to charge our service and engine batteries reducing the use of the generator and also diminishing the use of the harbour electricity network. The emission factor and the calculation have been obtained from the information published by the Catalan agency for climate change.

How we can offset our CO2 carbon footprint:

Purchasing carbon offsets is another way to help addressing the carbon footprint of our daily lives. Charterinad.com & nautical staff is committed to make donations for each charter service, to offset our carbon footprint.

Conclusion and objectives for the 2020 season & CharterInad.com

Charterinad.com will make a contribution to the environmental organizations aiming at the preservation of natural habitats and the protection of the environment. We want to convey our clear commitment to the ethical values of ecotourism and strive to reduce the negative impact on the environment of our nautical activities in the sea of Barcelona. Therefore, we ask all our sailing and fishing friends to help us protect the environment.



Additional Information:

Information about OCEANFDN.ORG .


The Ocean Foundation’s projects span the globe and cover a myriad of issues and topics. Each of our projects works within our four core areas: ocean literacy, protecting species, conserving habitats, and building the capacity of the marine conservation community.

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