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Fishing equipment on board:

charterinad.com make technical and professional fishing charters in Barcelona, with the sport fishing boat: Menorquin yacht. We have the best staff to offer you a good fishing experience in Barcelone.

Our staff is: The best fishing guide: Toni Alavedra , and the profesional captain: @skipperinad. We have 6 years of experience doing fishing trips in barcelone. Our long experience allows us to know the best fishing spots and knowledge that we will be able to catch places based on the conditions of sea and wind.





We work with an excellent fishing equipment to practice different fishing technicals:

Bottom fishing – trolling fishing – spinning – jigging – Drifting .

Nuestra larga experiencia nos permite conocer los mejores sitios de pesca y saber que lugares podremos pescar en base a las condiciones de mar y viento.

En las Our Fishing tours of sportfishing in Barcelone, We will practice different technicals: bottom fishing , tolling fishing spinning, jigging..We have the best material depending on the fishing activity we are going to do. Here we describe our sport fishing equipment:

  • rods: Trolling rods, bottom fish rods spinning and jigging rods , big game rods deep trolling equipment with Monel.
  • Reels: Shimano .
  • hooks: owner
  • Apparels: handmade for our fishing guide.
  • lures: Rapala, Shimano, Daiwa.
  • Apparels: handmade for our fishing guide.
  • trolling: Wally hoo.
  • One ice-box.

On board we have a fridge to keep those catches that the customer wants to take to eat in the restaurant of the port or in your home.

Electronics Equipment

  • Fishfinder

In Barcelone’s sea , the most popular fishing techniques are bottom fishing and trolling fishing. For the practice of these two fishing techniques we have the following fishing equipment:

Bottom Fishing equipment:

  • rods: 10 rods.
  • rods Kali kunna tip action rods .
  • reels: 10 Shimano reels with braided line.
  • apparels: Hand made fluorocarbon apparels..
  • Bait: fresh squid for bait..

Trolling fishing Equipment:

  • 4 equipment in shore trolling.
  • 4 equipment off shore trolling
  • 2 equipment for live bait trolling ( wallyhoo).
  • 1 equipment for deep trolling ( Monel wire line).
  • lures: rapala, Shimano and Daiwa
  • Two fishing harness.

To do sport fishing activity in the Barcelone Sea, we have all the necessary permits. The documentation required by the authorities is:

  • A colective fishing license
  • insurance.


charterinad.com coordinates your buying of sport fishing equipment

charterinad.com & SPORTS FISHING GUIDE  we can help and coordinate in the purchase of complete fishing equipment for the different sport fishing techniquesJigging fishing, bottom fishing, curry fishing and also tuna fishing. 

In Barcelone Sea..We can practice different fishing technicals and the fishing guide prepared a fishing equipment for bottom and another equipment for trolling fishing .

Trolling Fishing equipment .

  • Rod: 180€
  • reel: 150-300€
  • braided line: 50€
  • Lure: 10-20€
  • net: 70€

Bottom fishing equipment:

  • rod: 50-150€
  • reel: 100-250€
  • Braided line: 25€
  • fishing tackle: 6€
  • net: 50€

Below you will find features and prices for complete tuna sport fishing equipment depending on the modality you want to practice:Fishing for tuna trolling, tuna spinning and tuna fishing for either Brumeo or Drifting.

Tuna fishing equipment according to the modality are:

Tuna by TROLLING – Prices for 2021

  • -Reel:Shimano Tiagra 50 lbs.- 611,96€
  • -Rod:Shimano TLD 50 lbrs- 200€
  • -Line: 0,90 mm 1000mts (para 2 carretes)-70€
  • -Fishing Lures: Halco Laser Pro 190mm-13€

Tuna by  SPINNING- Prices for 2021

  • -Reel:Daiwa Saltiga 6500- 900€
  • -Rod:Cinnetic- 200€
  • -Line:  Saltiga 88 lbrs.- 95€
  • -Line DOWN: Fluorocarbono 80mm.- 30€
  • -Fishing Lures: Walking the Dog-  20€

Tuna by DRIFTING. Prices for 2021

  • -Reel:Penn Internacional 80- 1000€
  • -Rod:Okuma Makaira -300€
  • -Line: 1mm. 1000mts.-70€
  • -Fishing lure: Mustad circular 10/0-10€ 

If you wish, receive budget to measure based on your needs, your preferred fishing technique and the type of catch, do not hesitate to contact us.

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