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Technical : Trolling fishing.

Description The fishing technique to the trolling, is practiced with the boat in progress. It is a matter of dragging an artificial or natural sample, in order to appear alive. We practise several modalities:Deep sea trolling/, light trolling, dead bait trolling Deep trolling .

Especies:This technical consist in: to deceive predatory species, such as: tuna, Bonito, Little tuna and other similar species such as:mahi-mahi”, Bluefish, Barracuda. Also for small fishes as : Mackerel, Mackerel.

Equipment: > For tuna and similars species: “Stand up” de 20 a 50 lbrs. For light trolling spinning reels and rods for boats. Deep trolling- we need a special equipment

bait:artificiales /hard lures/: Rapala, Halco, strike pro, Shimano y Storm.

Handmade soft baits/ esquers tous artesans.

live bait: wallyhoo and also mackerel.

Fishing Technique: It is to navigate the querenciosas areas of fishing, at a speed of 3-5 knots or 6-8 knots in the trolling, with a sample appropriate to the fish that we intend to capture. Changing zone and displayed according to the success.

When Do you catch by trolling in Barcelona: The trolling is practiced throughout the year. The light trolling season goes from April to November. The trolling with dead fish is from May to November, and the trolling between june and September.

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