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Private Fishing trips for family & groups.

By big fishing yacht & an expert fishing staff


Our Fishing boat trip BCN is a nice tour of fishing on the Barcelona’s water. We offers unique togetherness and fun experiences for the whole family and also for friends groups. Bring your family aboard and have an unforgettable day that all ages can enjoy. It’s a good experience because our safety and big fishing yacht is enjoyable for the smallest members of the family. 

Family-Friendly Charters and adventures in the Barcelone sea with a classic yacht.

Our big fishing yacht offer you a sense of security along the way.Parents can relax while on-board as both our yacht is designed with high sides to keep the little ones safe.

Our expert crew know the best fishing spots and Where the fish are. ..and will take you there. Our fishing charters are a great experience for kids and our crew are happy to teach them some skills. In the yacht We have safety jacquet for kids. Our fishing experiences in Barcelone are a great idea to enjoy with family in the Barcelone sea.

Our fishing trip Barcelone are for novice to experienced angler.

We encourage catch & release. We support a sustainable fishing resource ..but You can Keep your catch ..always your fishes have legal size.

Fishing charters Barcelone by charterinad.com are designed around your needs & wants to including different fishing styles: Trolling deep, jigging, spinning and targeting certain fish species from small groups.

Fishing methods include live-bait/ dead – bait fishing , bottom fishing , jigging as well as lure and poppers fishing with surfaces lures .

The vessel “ Blavis- Viking Yacht 43 built in USA. The yacht is fitted for a maximum comfort & space. Powered by two  Enginne 399hp to get you to fishing spots slowly and safe. Fitted with the latest colour sounder and GPS .

We supply on all fishing charters bait & tackle , top quality rods & reels and our experienced fishing guide and the profesional captain : @skipperinad.

The fishing staff has a large experience and high motivated.The fishing staff of charterinad.com is :

An excelent fishing guide: Toni Alavedra

the profesional captain: @skipperinad.

Big and traditional fishing yacht : vIKING yachts 43 – Blavis

Since 2012..doing fishing tours, We have more 10 years experience fishing in Barcelone.

You can catch: mackerel, red seabream, blac seabream, snaper by bottom fishing and with trolling fishing: bluefish, mackerel..


Enjoy the natural experience to fish & Gastronomy in Barcelone’s sea!

Our private fishing tours Barcelone are for small groups or big groups. We have a maximum capacity of 10 fisherman, and We also have an excellent material for each fisherman.

Come with us to catch a good fish in Barcelone! We can organizer you a good Birthday pary, or a Stag party in the Barcelone sea.

Our Fishing guide is an expert fisherman, with a long experience of fishing, and extensive knowledge of sport fishing. Our fishing guide can learn you different technicals of fishing and to prepare the material for a technical fishing trip in Barcelone.

We work with an excellent fishing equipment to practice different fishing technicals: Bottom fishingtrolling fishing – spinning – jigging – Drifting .

Our Charter fishing philosophy is to protect and maintain the marine environment by capturing and releasing those small fish or those who do not want customers. We Catch policy is: Clients keep catch, catch and release allowed.

Our Private and shared fishing tours Barcelone are ideal for new and young fishermen as well as for experts and technical fishermen

Excursiones de pesca en Barcelona

Half day fishing charter:

This private fishing trips has a duration of 4 hour. We start from Port Fòrum of Barcelone by the fishing yacht: Viking yachts 43- Blavis.

Spots of fishing: our area of fishing in Barcelone is : in front the Barcelone, from Port Forum at Masnou and at Llobregat River.

The Maximum capacity is : small group or Family: 1-4 fishermen. And the Big groups 5-10 fishermen.

All Day Fishing trip in Barcelone

This private fishing trips has a duration of 8 hour. We start from Port Fòrum of Barcelone by the fishing yacht: Viking yachts 43- Blavis

Spots of fishing: Barcelone area, Castelldefels and Sitges, also Mataro and Masnou.

The Maximum capacity is : small group or Family: 1-4 fishermen. And the Big groups 5-10 fishermen.

Timetable: We recommend you to start in the morning.

Price of fishing trip in Barcelone.

  • Half Day for family
  • People: 1-4
  • Duration 3hours
  • Fishing guide
  • Material of fishing
  • License of fishing
  • Skipper, fuel, insurance
  • Drinks and Beverages
  • Price: 700 € + VAT.= 850€
  • To contact
  • Half Day Small groups
  • People: 1-5
  • Duration: 3h1/2-4 hours
  • Fishing guide
  • Material of fishing
  • License of fishing
  • Skipper, fuel, insurance
  • Drinks and Beverages
  • Price: 740 € + VAT.= 895€
  • To Contact
  • Fishing trip Barcelone for big groups
  • People: 6-10pax.
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Fishing guide
  • Material of fishing
  • License of fishing
  • Skipper, fuel, insurance
  • Drinks and Beverages
  • Price:  800€ + V.A.T=968€
  • To contact

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Salidas de pesca en barco Barcelona

Our extras : you can add your fishing experience Barcelone complement for ding more special your adventure . para las salidas de pesca en Barcelona

Order a delicious breakfast, taste of tapas or vermouth and also a picnic basket from Picnic-Barcelone company.

Delicious buffet – Breakfast or vermut&Tapas. Consisting and selection of typical foods Catalonian and also fresh fruits .

  • Breakfast on board: 25€/pax.- Mínimum service of 60€/breakfast.
  • Vermouth & Tapas: 120€/ for 6-8pax.
  • Picnics on board. From 45+ V.A.T – Company of catering: Picnics Barcelone .
  • BBQ of fish catch in the restaurant: Port Nàutic del Port Forum . 15€/pax.** The BBq service, you pay in the restaurant. )
  • Your catch will be cleaned , chilled down an packed ready for you to bring home. Price: around 25€ .
  • We also have a gift card.

More information about our extras

What to bring on board Blavis -Viking YACHTS 43 :

  • In the summer: Sun protection, Sunglasses, hat.
  • And cash , credit card or your ticket / Voucher

charterinad.com organizes Fishing trip Barcelone with the fishing boat Viking yachts 43- “Blavis”. The timetable of half day charter is:

Fishing trip In the morning: About 08:00- 10:00 AM – to finish around 12:00- 14:00PM Half day Fishing .

Fishing Afternoon About 16:00pm- 20:00pm Half day Fishing

We recommend you to Transfer to Nautic Port Forum Barcelona on your own by taxi or trambia by public transport ..this option is very easy.

The Meeting Point in the restaurant Nàutic Port Forum Barcelona or also in front the door C Deck. Meet your captain : @skipperinad 10 minutes before of your fishing charter at finger C of Port Forum Barcelone .

You will be checking the boat , the fishing material , and to pay the balance of your fishing trip.

We go to fish! you will practice the bottom fishing in the rock. It is about maximum 3 nautical milles in front the Forum Port. We also will practice the trolling fishing in front the port Vell or Port Forum.

After 4 hours…We will arrive the Forum Port

If you wish, we can arrange a table in Port Nautic restaurant at the Forum port to eat your catch (please advise). Direct payment at the restaurant.

Charter Inad - Fishing Barcelona


Port Fòrum
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