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Fish: Gilt-head (sea) bream (Sparus aurata)


Description The gilt-head (sea) bream (Sparus aurata), called : Dorada . It is a fish of the bream family Sparus found in the Mediterranean sea. The name derives from the gold bar marking between its eyes. It commonly reaches about 35 cm in length, but may reach 70 cm (2.3 ft) and weigh up to about 7.00 kg. it is a species of the genus Sparus widely consumed within the local and The gilt-head bream is generally considered the best-tasting of the breams. It also is highly appreciated among coastal sport fishing fishermen. It is a coastal species, even coming at the mouth of rivers. Its most common habitats are rocky areas with algae and also sandy surfaces of the underworld.

Size: 70 cm

Diet: The gilt-head sea bream eat de a wide variety of crustaceans and molluscs: clams, mussels, crabs, knives, hermit crabs and a long etc, as well as worms. And eventually cephalopods. He’s a very intelligent and opportunistic fish. It has a powerful denture that allows it to split the shells of the bivalves.

When Do you catch it in Barcelona: Fishing from April to November, when seawater picks up a certain temperature

Fishing Technique: Bottom fishing technical . The bottom is with live bait bait such as prawns, worm or crab,…

As food: The gilt-head bream is generally considered the best-tasting. It can be cooked in many ways. The most popular are baked “salt” and baked with potatoes and vegetables.

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