Fish: Dentex / Dentex dentex

Description Fish of the family of the Sparid common in the mediterranean sea. It lives on the rocky bottoms from the 10 to the 100mts of depth. Dentex is an active predator. Body is oval and compressed. Teeth are very developed in each jaw. Its skin: Greenish gray in young and reddish grey in adults, with bluish spots.

Size: Adults can reach up to 100 cm in length, with a maximum weight of about 14 kg

Diet: Its food is as varied as the richness of fish and that Mollusca and cephalopods , and also: horse mackerel, castanets, maidens, comber and a long etc… of endless classes of small and medium size fish and cephalopods like cuttlefish, octopus and squid

When Do you catch it in Barcelona: Winter- December until March.

Fishing Technique: Deep trolling

As food: The Denton is an exquisite fish very valued in the kitchen. Its fishing is artisanal and only found in some markets. Being a fish of a certain size, it is suitable to cook it in the oven

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