Prices of Nautical charters Barcelone 2023

The next tabla are the best trips  and blue experienes BCN of charters Inad with the fishing Yacht:Blavis- Wiking 43  from the Forum Port de St. Adrià del Besos - Barcelona.


Fishing trip Barcelona by Blavis - Wiking 43

  • Fishing Workshop Barcelona 4h - 150€/fisherman.* not available We need to organizes a group. 
  • Fishing trip Private. (3+1/2 hours) For Family -5 pax./ Price: 700 €+ V.A.T = 850€-/boat private.
  • Fishing trip Private. (4 hours  )For small  group 1-5pax. Price: 740 €+ V.A.T- = 900€/boat private.
  • Fishing trip Private.(4 hours) For big groups 5-10 pax. Price: 785 €+ V.A.T= 950€ 
  • Fishing trip Private.(5 hours) For big groups 5-10 pax. Price: 950 €+ V.A.T= 1150€
  • Fishing trip Private all Day. (6 hours) Price: 1900 €+ V.A.T= 2300€
  • Gourmet Fishing trip Barcelona (5 hours) For small groups Max. 5pax. Price: 1400 €+ V.A.T= 1700€
  • Big Game Tuna Fishing trip. Private - Barcelona - 1500€+ V.A.T  - Not included fuel. 

All our fishing trips included:

The fishing guide: Toni Alavedra.

Profesional Skipper: @skipperinad,

Insurance, gasoil, and drinks: 2/3 beverages/pax. coffee, beer, coke and water.

Material and guide of fishing.

Licence of fishing, cleaning service

This shared fishing trip Barcelona with the fishing boat : Blavis Wiking 43  /port Forum 

For doing this fishing boat trip, we need a minimum of 5 people and good weather.

Classic charters Barcelone

  • Skyline Barcelona Charter:2h1/2:  580 € + V.A.T =700€
  • Barcelona Classic Charter 4hours: 650€ + V.A.T = 750€
  • Sitges Trip from Barcelone 9hours: 1400 € + V.A.T = 1695€
  • Photographic Yacht Trip Barcelone 2hours: - Confirmation available.

Romantic experiences Barcelona with

  • relax&beauty Charter (3 hours):confirmation available
  • Lunch or Dinner Charter (3 hours): 845€ + V.A.T = 1025€/Boat
  • Wedding boat 3hours: 580€ + V.A.T = 700€€/Boat

 If you want to upload our prices, you can with the next PDF. The link of PDF is:

information about & blueexperiences Barcelona 2023. It's a pdf with images, pries and information about our charters & trips from Barcelona, with the private yacht : Blavis Wiking 43  / barcelone Harbour: Port Forum. 

Information about our boat trips in Barcelona.

Our port is the Port Forum St. adria Besòs ( Barcelona).

The departures and arrivals are always from this port.

It's included in all boat trips:The Professional Captain: Skipper Inad, drinks, fuel, insurance and final cleaning service .

The Capacity Maximum of The Yacht is: 10 people.

In all the charters, we offer you drinks: Coke, water, beer. (approx. 2 drinks per person.) they are included in the price.

Form of payment: by transfer or Cash.

Customers must pay all the charter before sailing.

You can pay me by transfer to the entity Deutsche Bank, with cash.or by credit card on board.

Booking our Nautical charters Barcelona

- Skipper Inad is responsible for the management of the  Wiking 43 , named "Blavis " with registration number 6-MH-1-8-10. Reservation of charter services can be made through web-page.

The payment of the deposit implies the acceptance of the present general conditions.

In order to make a reservation for a charter is a minimum of 90€ for small group and family and  180€ for big group and for special fishing all day: 350€ or 630€. 

-How Coul You Pay the Deposit:

A/ by credit card follow the link of  Website: and with the code of booking: XX-2023

This Payment System only is ok  for UE credit Cards. 

B/ By PayPal - email account:

The concept of the transfer should read as:

Your name: - Data: xx/xx/2020 and the code of booking.

- Cancellation policy:

The nautical activity shall be cancelled due to the following reasons:

~A/ Meteorological reasons: wind strength greater than 4, according to Beaufort scale, with waves higher than 1.00m

~B/ Breakdown of the boat.

For these reasons a full reimbursement of the deposit and/or payment will be made.

The charter can be cancelled by 3 days before  and -  will refund the amount of your reservation discounting 20% for management and cancellation fees.

Amount booking: 90€- 18€ / Cancellation fees  20%  - Amount  Booking 180€  - 36€ Cancellation fees  will be applied for cancellations made 3 days before the boarding date.

Cancellations made the same day or customers which are not present at the time of the boarding at shore C tie 31 Port Forum / St. Adrià Besòs - Barcelona, NO reimbursement will be proceed.


The rent includes a profesional captain and for a maximum of 11 people.+ skipper

The skipper will not have any responsibility for the misbehave of the passengers that could affect the nautical activity. It is completely forbidden to embark : guns, animals and passengers not listed in advanced. Also it is absolutely forbiden to take on board : Any kind drugs or a lot of alcohol before or during the charter. Any of the behaviors described above will result into to termination of the boat trip without any reimbursement by charterinad. The customer will use and take of the boat and all its accessories, as well as the materials to develop the activity.

The customer will follow good marine practices, apply common sense and put all the means so that no loss, accidents or breakdowns happen during the activity. The boat has an insurance policy contracted with accidents coverage for the both the vessel itself, and its occupants.

Any legal matter that could derive from this contract, the customer and the company decide to submit, for its resolution to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Terrassa ( Barcelona)

Legal requirements

In accordance with "Orden del Ministerio de Transportes, Turismo y Comunicaciones de 4 de diciembre de 1985":

- The rended boat can not carry more than twelve people.

The rended boat has the corresponding accident insurance in force. Photographs and videos might be taken during the charter by CharterInad Upon customer acceptance, these material might be solely used for promotional purposes of CharterInad activities at the webpage. If the customer does not wish to capture images, they must be notified before or during the nautical Charter.

Disclaimer: In compliance with the Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos 15/1999 and its informs you that your personal data will be incorporated into our electronic system and documents, which belong to the company. If you wish, you can exercise your right of access, rectification, cancelation and opposition as allowed for by the law, in writing and with the photocopy of your identification document to c/ st. joan 79 Terrassa 08221 ( BCN)

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Noticias & Toni Alavedra publican un segundo post sobre : Señuelos para la practica de la pesca del currican Ligero en el mediterraneo .En este II artículo Toni Alavedra - Guía de pesca deportiva con una larga experiencia en la practica de la pesca deportiva tanto en Barcelona, como en los mejores lugares de pesca del mundo, nos explica las características básicas de los señuelos  y material de pesca necesario para la practica de la pesca deportiva del Curricán ligero / curry de costa  desde embarcación. Su enormes conocimientos y sobretodo la pasión por la pesca, hace que sea un placer y una gran oportunidad conocer de primera mano sus grandes. secretos y consejos sobre la pesca deportiva desde embarcación. estrena nuevo logo y nuevas imágenes, para promocionar nuestras excursiones y charters de pesca deportiva en Barcelona, con una profesional y motivada tripulación: EL guía de pesca deportiva: Toni Alavedra y el patrón portuario y profesional: @skipperinad. Esta temporada 2023, también estrenamos un excelente yate de pesca deportiva: El Blavis - Un Viking 43, con centro náutico y deportivo: Port Forum Marina en Barcelona. Ven a aprender, disfrutar y compartir momentos divertidos e increíbles pescando en Barcelona.