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Home / Blog / News prices for Fishing in Barcelone 2024 by presents the new prices about our private fishing charters Barcelone , shared fishing trip #fishingworkshopbcn and special events and experiences Barcelone #blueexperiencesbcn with the fishing staff : Fishing guide: Toni Alavedra , the captain : @skipperinad and the fishing yacht : Viking Yacht 43 – Blavis from the Barcelone’s harbor : Port Fòrum Marina. Come to fish with us ..and to Enjoy, to learn and connect to the Mediterranean sea of Barcelona publishes a new post with information about our prices to fish in Barcelone 2024 . The same quality, the same professionally and the same fishing staff: The fishing guide: Toni Alavedra and Albert, the profesional captain: @skipperinad and the fishing yacht: Viking Yacht 43 – Blavis from the Barcelone’s harbor : Port Fòrum Marina. We rent a fishing yacht with a crew to do you a great fishing charters , fishing workshop Barcelone and private fishing events Barcelone shared with your family , your friends and your partners and customers. has 12 years of experience to do : Fishing charters Barcelone with a profesional crew and the best fishing yachts of Barcelone

The prices about our Private fishing trips Barcelone 2024 are: 

  • Family Fishing trip Private Barcelone 3+1/2 hours For Family 5 pax./ Price: 700 €+ V.A.T = 850€/Boat Private.
  • Fishing trip Private Barcelone 4 hours For small  group 1-5pax. Price:740€+ V.A.T- = 900€/Boat Private.
  • Fishing trip Private 4 hours For big groups 5-10 pax. Price: 800 €+ V.A.T= 950€ 
  • Fishing trip Private 5 hours For big groups 5-10 pax. Price: 1000 €+ V.A.T= 1210€
  • Fishing trip Private all Day 8 hours Price: 1900 €+ V.A.T= 2300€
  • Gourmet Fishing trip Barcelona 5 hours For small groups Max. 5pax. Price: 1400 €+ V.A.T= 1700€
  • Big Game Tuna Fishing trip Private Barcelona 8/9 hours  – 1500€+ V.A.T Not included fuel. 

We know the best spots for fishing in Barcelone to organize you a great #blueexperiencesbcn and nice fishing charters and fishing events Barcelone.

For the next year: 2024- The price of fishing workshop Barcelone by  with the fishing yacht: Blavis- Viking 43 will be: 

  • One Fisherman –  125€/ 1 pax. /4hours  / 
  • Two Fishermen : 200€ /2pax. /4hours /  
  • With +  friend ( No Rod)  : 80€ – /1 people / 4 hours.
  • Family Price: Adult &children: 180€ / 2 fishermen / 4 hours.

Taxa IVA Included / Fuel / drinks and material of fishing. 

These departures have a minimum duration of 3h1/2horas – 4hours .

All our fishing charters , shared fishing charters Barcleone and fishing events Barcelone have a fishing staff formed by: A fishing guide : Toni Alavedra. The profesional captain: @skipperinad and the sport fishing boat: Viking 43 – Blavis. 

The minimum fishermen for doing a shared fishing charter is 6 fishermen. 

 All our private fishing trip and shared fishing trip Barcelone included: 

The profesional crew: An expert fishing guide and the captain: @skipperinad. 

Fishing material: Rod, reels & tackle, live bait and a  fridge for catches

fishing license, insurance, 

Fuel / gasoil,

drinks  (Coffee, coke, water and beer – 2 beverages /pax.)

Catch policy: Clients keep catch, catch and release allowed. We encourage catch & release. We support a sustainable fishing resource ..but You can Keep your catch ..always your fishes have legal size.

We have personalized gift cards, in case you want to make a gift.

The meeting point of 

The boat is moored at jetty C, mooring35 at the Port Fòrum.

The meeting Point

In front the Deck /jetty C- Door C of Port Fòrum of Barcelone. 

Our big yacht Viking 43- Blavis is in Finger letter C- Mooring 35

The meeting point is in front the Deck /jetty C- Door C.  of Port Fòrum

The Adress : Calle Moll de la Ronda

Sant Adrià de Besòs, Barcelona 08030

Latitude: 41 deg 24.843 min N – Longitude: 2 deg 13.679 min E

How to get here

Private Transport: 

Private car o taxi: Exit n. 25 of Ronda litoral -to Besos/ Exit 26 of Ronda Litoral to Llobregat .

by public transport. 

bus: Lines n. 7 – 36 – 43 y 141.

Metro: Linea n. 4- Yellow  – Maresme Forum Station.

Trambesos Line 4- 6 Port Fòrum  Station to st. Adrià del Besos.

More information about us in the website: and following social media.

Charter Inad - Fishing Barcelona


Port Fòrum
Moll de la Ronda
Pontoon C, Mooring 31
Sant Adrià de Besòs, Barcelona 08930


Phone: +34 651 91 29 10