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The June’s month is special for family fishing charters Barcelona . 

Charterinad.com & fishing staff caught a lot of bluefish and a nice sea bass with the fishing technique : Trolling fishing with live bait. We like to catch and release the bluefish. Our fishermen caught fishes by different fishing techniques: Bottom Fishing, jigging and trolling fishing and they can keep the fish or back to the … Read more

The first bluefish 2024 Barcelona by charterinad.com 

Charterinad.com & Toni Alavedra Fishing guide caught the first bluefish with the fishing technique : Trolling fishing with live bait on May 2024 Barcelona. The season to catch bluefish is now!! …to start the Bluefish’s time !!..We caught a nice: bluefish by trolling fishing with live bait: mackerel . We need to catch the mackerel by … Read more

Amazing #fishingworkshopbcn by charterinad.com 

Yesterday, Sunday 05/05/2024 – charterinad.com did a good shared fishing trip Barcelona. We practiced two fishing techniques: bottom fishing and jigging . We caught: mackerels, red seabream and black Seabream , combers and white snappers . We love to do: #catchandrelease ..and our fishermen backed to sea a lot fishes! Nice #blueexperiencesbcn to enjoy and … Read more

Drifting Tuna fishing Barcelona by charterinad.com 

charterinad.com does private fishing charters Barcelona to catch: Tuna by fishing technique: Drifting. We do two kind: Anchored and also Unanchored. This fishing techniques is very difficult but You have a lot of probability to catch a big tuna. We schedule big game fishing – to catch Tuna by Drifting fishing technique only the May month … Read more

Calendar of Fishing Workshop Barcelona for Spring 2024

charterinad.com publishes the new data for doing new fishing workshop Barcelona . The days are: Sunday 05/05/2024 at 16:16pm from Port Forum Marina. and Sunday 09/06/2024 at 16:15pm from Port Forum Marina. Charterinad.com did the two fishing workshop Bcn in April 2024 by Blavis – Viking yachts 43 from Marina Port Forum .The first shared fishing charter … Read more

Jigging’s time Barcelona by charterinad.com

charterinad.com starts the month of May with good news …It’s Jigging’s time in Barcelona ..We are organizing private fishing charters Barcelona to practice the fishing technique: Jigging  with our fishing yacht: Blavis – Viking Yacht and a profesional fishing staff: Toni Alavedra- Fishing guide and the captain: @skipperinad .The fishing jigging is a funny fishing … Read more

March Calendar of Private Charters & Fishing workshop Barcelone by charterinad.com 

charterinad.com starts the March’s Month with good expectative !.. We want to inform all our fishermen friends, family and company..about the available of the fishing yacht : Blavis – Viking 43 from Barcelona Harbor: Port Fòrum Marina Barcelona. We have bookings for doing: Private fishing charters, and also for doing a shared fishing charter Barcelona. … Read more

Booking fishing charters Barcelone by Charterinad.com

charterinad.com is working in the website for have an easy place for booking our fishing adventures and activities in Barcelone. Our fishing charters Barcelone are with the fishing yacht Blavis – Viking Yachts 43 from Port Forum  marine Barcelone .  Charterinad.com is a nautical center approved by the Catalonia Government. Since 2010 doing charters and … Read more

Fishing charters Barcelone by charterinad.com – February 2024.

 During all February’s month charterinad.com did private fishing charters in Barcelona for fishermen of different nationalities..Brazilian, USA and also UE. We had a funny fishing trips in Barcelone. In this season, We only practiced the bottom fishing. Now, We caught from: a good  hake,  a nice gilthhead sea bream,  a lot of red snappers, snappers and … Read more

The first fishing trip Barcelone 2024 by charterinad.com & Viking 43 Yacht.

Charterinad.com did the first fishing trip barcelone 2024.  We are very Happy!! ..to start the new year doing our fishing adventures in Barcelona for fishermen from France. we caught : catshark, octupus , redseabream , blackseabream, combers..by the fishing technique:  bottom fishing . Charterinad.com had 12 years of experiences doing fishing charters Barcelone from Port … Read more

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