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Booking fishing charters Barcelone by Charterinad.com

charterinad.com is working in the website for have an easy place for booking our fishing adventures and activities in Barcelone. Our fishing charters Barcelone are with the fishing yacht Blavis – Viking Yachts 43 from Port Forum  marine Barcelone .  Charterinad.com is a nautical center approved by the Catalonia Government. Since 2010 doing charters and … Read more

The first fishing trip Barcelone 2024 by charterinad.com & Viking 43 Yacht.

Charterinad.com did the first fishing trip barcelone 2024.  We are very Happy!! ..to start the new year doing our fishing adventures in Barcelona for fishermen from France. we caught : catshark, octupus , redseabream , blackseabream, combers..by the fishing technique:  bottom fishing . Charterinad.com had 12 years of experiences doing fishing charters Barcelone from Port … Read more

News prices for Fishing in Barcelone 2024 by charterinad.com 

charterinad.com presents the new prices about our private fishing charters Barcelone , shared fishing trip #fishingworkshopbcn and special events and experiences Barcelone #blueexperiencesbcn with the fishing staff : Fishing guide: Toni Alavedra , the captain : @skipperinad and the fishing yacht : Viking Yacht 43 – Blavis from the Barcelone’s harbor : Port Fòrum Marina. … Read more

Happy New year 2024 all fishermen, customers, sailors and partners

charterinad.com would like to congratulate all our friends, fishermen, customers, sailors and partners on the New Year: 2024. Together can see, share and enjoy a peaceful and more sustainable world. charterinad.com it realizes in each of our fishing charters and fishing workshop in Barcelona to respect and conscience for the protection and care of the … Read more

The new gift card of charterinad.com..the best Present for specials days !

Charterinad.com presents our new gift card 2024. The personalized gift cards so you can give the gift of our nautical adventures in the sea of Barcelona ..With an original and funny images for you can give our #blueexperincesbcn, fishing charters and shared fishing trip Barcelone #fishingworkshopbcn . We can help you ! ..We have .. … Read more

Week End fishing in Barcelone with CharterInad.com

Charterinad.com did two fishing trips Barcelone. We worked the days: Saturday 16 December and Sunday 17/ December 2023. We were very happy !..We learn and to shared our passion: the sea and to fish.  We did a family fishing charter for children, adults and grandparents with our great fishing staff: Toni Alavedra – Fishing guide … Read more

The last #fishingworkshopbcn 2023 by charterinad.com 

 charterinad.com  & Fishing staff Barcelone wish to shared a new Fishing Adventure in Barcelona: A Fishing Workshop Barcelone 2023 with the Fishing yacht: Blavis – Viking 43 – Desde el puerto de Barcelona- Port Fòrum marina de Barcelona & the Fishing Guide: Toni Alavedra and the profesional Captain: @skipperinad .  We want to end the … Read more

Charterinad.com presents a new website. 

charterinad.com are launching a new website , to enhance and improve the current image of our fishing trips in Barcelona, with the sport fishing yacht: Blavis – Viking 43 with nautical base: Port Forum of Barcelona and with the best and most professional fishing staff: Toni Alavedra Fishing guide and the professional skipper: @skipperinad –  … Read more

catch and release of dolphinfish in barcelone with charterinad.com

Yesterday the fishing team of charterinad.com did a great fishing charter in Barcelone with our great fishing yacht: Blavis from Barcelone. We caught a nice dolphinfish and young bluefish with the fishing technique: trolling fishing with live bait. We also practiced the jigging to catch mackerel . The bluefish and the dolphinfish backed to the sea. Come to fish with us ..in Barcelone with the best fishing team of Barcelone. 

new images, new logo about charteinad.com

Charterinad.com is fishing charters & aventures in Barcelone with profesional fishing staff: Toni Alavedra -Fishing guide and the captain : @skipperinad with an excelent fishing yacht : Blavis Wiking 43 from Port Forum Barcelona. Charterinad.com wants to celebrate 11 years doing fishing trips and charters in Barcelone with a new logo, new images and the same fishing staff.

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