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Home / Blog / The last #fishingworkshopbcn 2023 by  & Fishing staff Barcelone wish to shared a new Fishing Adventure in Barcelona: A Fishing Workshop Barcelone 2023 with the Fishing yacht: Blavis – Viking 43 – Desde el puerto de Barcelona- Port Fòrum marina de Barcelona & the Fishing Guide: Toni Alavedra and the profesional Captain: @skipperinad .  We want to end the year 2023 doing a fishing charter Barcelone with fishermen and friends. The next fishing adventure Barcelone will be on Sunday 17/December 2023 at 14:00pm. Come to fish with us and enjoy in the Barcelone sea. 

The last fishing workshop Barcelone 2023 by will be on Sunday 17/December 2023 at 14:00pm . It will be a great fishing experience in Barcelone with the best fishing staff of Barcelone. It will be a nautical experience among fishermen friends who want to disconnect and relax practicing fishing from boat with a specialized nautical staff and with more than 11 seasons doing private charters and fishing workshops in Barcelona. 

We bid farewell to the year with a course of initiation and improvement to sport fishing from boat, for expert fishermen as fishermen who wish to start in the art of sport fishing.

We say goodbye to the year 2023 with a shared fishing trip Barcleone by from a great fishing yacht: Blavis – Viking 43. Our fishing charters and shared fishing trip Barcelone is for expert fishermen as fishermen who want to start in the art of sport fishing. The weather part consulted today: Monday 11/12 , is good for next Doming 17/12/2023. Toni Alavedra – Fishing Guide & -@skipperinad – We are organizing a sport fishing workshop, for bottom fishing, to fish : redseabream, black seabream , mackerel – by bottom fishing..but We also do trolling fishing to catch a good fish! 

The price of fishing workshop Barcelone by 2023 are:  

  • One Fisherman –  100€/ 1 pax. /4hours  / 
  • Two Fishermen : 190€ /2pax. /4hours /  
  • With +  friend ( No Rod)  : 75€ – 
  • Family Price: Adult &children: 175€ 

For the next year: 2024- The price of fishing workshop Barcelone by  with the fishing yacht: Blavis- Viking 43 will be: 

  • One Fisherman –  125€/ 1 pax. /4hours  / 
  • Two Fishermen : 200€ /2pax. /4hours /  
  • With +  friend ( No Rod)  : 80€ – 
  • Family Price: Adult &children: 180€ 

Taxa IVA Included. 

These departures have a minimum duration of 3h1/2horas – 4hours .

All our fishing charters , shared fishing charters Barcleone and fishing events Barcelone have a fishing staff formed by: A fishing guide : Toni Alavedra. The profesional captain: @skipperinad and the sport fishing boat: Viking 43 – Blavis. 

All our fishing trip included: 

The profesional crew: An expert fishing guide and the captain: @skipperinad

Fishing material: Rod, reels & tackle, live bait and a  fridge for catches

fishing license, insurance, 

Fuel / gasoil,

drinks  (Coffee, coke, water and beer – 2 beverages /pax.)

Catch policy: Clients keep catch, catch and release allowed. We encourage catch & release. We support a sustainable fishing resource ..but You can Keep your catch ..always your fishes have legal size. also celebre that days private fishing charters Barcelone. 

The prices about our private fishing charters are: 

  • Family Fishing trip Private Barcelone. (3+1/2 hours) For Family -5 pax./ Price: 700 €+ V.A.T = 850€-/boat private.
  • Fishing trip Private Barcelone .(4 hours  )For small  group 1-5pax. Price: 740 €+ V.A.T- = 900€/boat private.
  • Fishing trip Private.(4 hours)For big groups 5-10 pax. Price: 800 €+ V.A.T= 950€ 
  • Fishing trip Private.(5 hours) For big groups 5-10 pax. Price: 950 €+ V.A.T= 1150€
  • Fishing trip Private all Day. (8 hours) Price: 1900 €+ V.A.T= 2300€
  • Gourmet Fishing trip Barcelona (5 hours) For small groups Max. 5pax. Price: 1400 €+ V.A.T= 1700€
  • Big Game Tuna Fishing trip Private – Barcelona – 1450€+ V.A.T Not included fuel. 

We know the best spots for fishing in Barcelone to organize you a great #blueexperiencesbcn and nice fishing charters and fishing events Barcelone.

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