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Yesterday, Sunday 05/05/2024 – did a good shared fishing trip Barcelona. We practiced two fishing techniques: bottom fishing and jigging . We caught: mackerels, red seabream and black Seabream , combers and white snappers . We love to do: #catchandrelease ..and our fishermen backed to sea a lot fishes! Nice #blueexperiencesbcn to enjoy and to learn fishing in Barcelona with the best fishing staff: Toni Alavedra, – fishing guide, @skipperinad – the captain and big fishing yacht: Blavis – Viking Yachts from Port Fòrum Marina Barcelona . Come to fish in Barcelona with us..

The next shared fishing charter Barcelona #fishingworkshopbcn by will be on Sunday 09/06/2024 in the afternoon.  Our shared fishing charters are perfect to learn different fishing techniques: Bottom fishing , trolling and jigging from a good fishing yacht & fishing staff : Toni Alavedra – fishing guide & the profesional captain: @skipperinad to do private fishing trip & shared fishing charters  for family and friends want to enjoy & learn in the mediterranean sea of Barcelona with the best fishing team . schedules a #fishingworkshopbcn each month with the fishing yacht : Blavis – Viking Yachts from Marina Port Forum for a maximum of 6-7 fishermen . does Family Shared fishing charter & fishing workshop Barcelone to learn & enjoy fishing from :Barcelona Harbor: Port Fòrum Marina. Dock C Mooring 35 and With the fishing Yacht: Blavis- Viking Yacht 43. Our Fishing boat trip Barcelona is a great experience because the boat is quite big and this safe, the staff are professionals motivates. 

Information about our fishing charter Barcelona: Fishing Shared Trip #fishingworkshopbcn in the website and instagram and twiter X Needs 6/7 fishermen and a good forecast for doing our fishing Workshop & shared fishing trip Barcelona.

If don’t find a minimum of 6/7 fishermen the fishing Workshop & shared fishing trip , we can canceled the activity and to change the day. 

Our shared fishing trips & #fishingworkshopbcn have a duration of 3h1/2- 4hours. 

We will practice different techniques: Bottom fishing, jigging and trolling fishing.

Shared fishing trips are organized for fishermen , they want to enjoy, learn, know and respect the catches and especially have fun fishing in Barcelona. It will have only 6 /7 complete equipment for bottom fishing and jigging and 4 complete equipment for trolling fishing.

All our fishing charters Included: 

Profesional Crew: A Fishing Guide and the captain:@skipperinad

The big fishing yacht: Blavis – Viking Yacht 43 – Port Fòrum Harbor 

Fishing material: Rod, reels & tackle, live bait and a  fridge for catches

Fishing license


Drinks  (Coffee, coke, water and beer – 2 beverages /pax.)

Our prices: 

1-Shared Fishing charter Barcelone: 121€/one fisherman and 200€/two fishermen. ( Taxa / VAT 21% included. )

One rod for each fisherman. The shared fishing charter Barcelona has a duration around: 3h1/2-4hours. 

2-Family Fishing Workshop Barcelona  for Parents&soon and daughters: 175€/2pax.  from 3h1/2-4hours. -Only one rod.- Parents shared the rod with their children. ( Taxa / VAT 21% included. )

The fishing Workshop Barcelona  and shared fishing trip Barcelona by are for novice fishermen as expert fishermen and we distinguish between fishing workshops parents, mothers and grandparents & sons, daughters from 3h1/2 and fishing courses for adults of 3h1/2- 4h. schedules and organizes a fishing shared fishing trip each month, from March to November. The fishing workshop is conditioned to find a minimum of 6 – 7 fishermen and that the weather conditions are optimal and safe to fish in the sea from a yacht. 

More information in the website: and you can follow the link: 

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