Good month to fish in Barcelone: from Dolphinfish , barracudas and until little tunny by trolling

27-09-2022 & fishing staff organizes private fishing trip in Barcelone with the big and fishing yacht: Menorquin Yacht “ es cau” from Port Fòrum of Barcelone.  September’s month is very good for trolling, We caught nice cathces..from: Dolphinfish, barracuda, bacoretas “ little tunny” , baby tuna, bonito and also we  do: jigging to fish: Mackerels. We finished the September month with amazings  private fishing charters and a good shared fishing trip in Barcelone. & fishing staff Barcelone did nice fishing trip in Barcelone during all month of September. We worked in the Barcelone sea, with our classic  fishing yacht: Menorquin Yacht and the best fishing staff: Toni Alavedra and the captain: @skipperinad. We does private fishing charters for experts and novel fishermen and we practice different fishing techniques, from:Trolling fishing , jigging and bottom fishing

With the fishing techniques the September month, we are fishing: 

- Dolphinfish or mahi mahi, by trolling fishing with natural bite and also with artificial bite.

- Barracuda -  by trolling fishing with natural bite

- Little tunny “ bacoretas”- by trolling fishing with artificial bite

- Baby tunny: by trolling fishing with artificial bite. 

- Mackerel: by jigging . 

- Red snapper : by jigging and bottom fishing.

- Snappers: by by jigging and bottom fishing.

- Combers by: by jigging and bottom fishing. 


We like to protect the environment ..We love to release all catches. #catchandrelease 

The last week end of the Septmeber did a new shared #fishing trip #barcelone #fishingworkshopbcn with our s#fishing staff. we had the pleasure of sharing and teaching different fishing techniques to a group of young fishermen and a nice family. We caught a nice #barracuda and #bacoretas. are ready for doing a nice private fishing trips in Barcelone in the next motn : Octuber with an improved and rejuvenated llaut menorquin. The llaut Menorquin is perfecte for doing private fishing trip and #blueexperiencesbcn s & charters in the Barcelone sea. 

Our special offer of fishing charters Barcelone by are: 

  • Family fishing charter of 4/5 pax / 3h : 585€ + VAT= 700€
  • Private Fishing trip 3h.  for small group (1-4fishermen) :  585€ + VAT= 700€ 
  • Private fishing charter of 3h ,for big group  group (5-10 fishermen : 650€ +VAT
  • for more time..4h the price is: 665€+ VAT For small group and for big group is: 785€ + VAT. 


All our fishing charters Included: 

Fishing material: Rod, reels & tackle, live bait and a  fridge for catches

Guide of fishing, fishing license

Profesional Skipper, insurance, gasoil,

drinks  (Coffee, coke, water and beer - 2 beverages /pax.)

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Yesterday, did a shared fishing trip barcelone “#fishingworkshopbcn " for amateurs fishermen . We practiced different fishing techniques : trolling fishing and bottom fishing . By trolling fishing  with artifical bite We had three catch of mahi mahi but..We lost it! ..With the bottom fishing  We caught nice redseabream , snappers and a lot of combers. Come to fish to mediterranean sea with us..! We are open all year! & our fishing staff Barcelone did two new fishing charter Barcelone for young fishermen from UK, and for a nce family from USA. We practiced two fishing techniques: Trolling Fishing with artificial and natural bite and jigging and bottom fishing.  By trolling fishing We caught a nice: barracuda ..and with  jigging fishing We caught a lot of mackerel..We love to catch and release!  For the family from USA We also practiced bottom fishing and we caught some red snapper. . Our big and profesional fishing guide : Toni Alavedra  prepared the rods and the bite to have a amazing fishing experience in Barcelone. Great sunset fishing Barcelona With a ..good temperature  a nice sea. Come to fish in Barcelone with in november 2022. 

This week did two fishing charters . The first family fishing charter was in Barcelone for a family from checoslovaquia, and the second family fishing trip was in St. Andreu Llavaneres ( Port Balís) with the private yacht: Wiking 43 / Blavis . Our fishermen: Father and Soon were from Russian. does private fishing trip for family, friends..and specials events with two fishing yacht: The Menorquin Yacht from Port Forum and the second Yacht: wiking 43 Blavis from Port Balis.

On Saturday 22/ October /2022 & fishing staff: Toni Alavedra fishing guide ,@skipperinad-  the captain of fishing yacht : Menorquin Yacht "es cau" did a good and profesional Shared fishing trip Barcelone for fishermen from Barcelone. We practiced different fishing techniques: Trolling fishing, jigging to catch from: bluefish , amberjack . Mackerel. Nice #blueexperiencesbcn to enjoy in the mediterranean sea . We love the  sea..and we protect to environment to practice: #catchandrelease. We back to the sea a baby tuna. Come to fish with us in Autum in Barcelone. and the fishing staff are working to prepared the calendar of activities and adventures for doing in the Barcelone sea, during the next month. We are ready to fish during the Octuber month. The next shared fishing trip : #fishingworkshopbcn will be on Saturday 22/10 in the timetable: 16:00 to finish around 19:30pm. We will do different fishing techniques: Trolling fishing to catch a big fish and also jigging and bottom fishing to catch good fishes to eat . Come to fish in Octuber’ month with a profesional fishing staff and warm & safety fishing yacht from Port Forum of Barcelona.