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Information about our fishing trip in Barcelone for catch the dolphinfish. 


The dolphingfish is a predatory fish, compressed body and high backand.

It is characterized by being a great swimmer and its spectacular jumps that gives it a great value in the sport fishing. 

Colours:  yellow, green and violet spots,, fast growing.  

Natural Habitat: present in the open waters of the oceans, tropical and subtropical seas around the world. It is attracted to all floating objects: buoys, logs, rafts, which uses them for and shelters and feeds. They swim around these objects as well as around. 

feeds on: baby fish : sardines, anchovies, mackerels and squid 

To fish in Barcelona: September to October 

Fishing technique: Trolling of surface 

images of Dolphinfish: You can consult of Photographs in the website. 

Videos: Canal of youtube of wants to remember all our fisherman friends that the philosophy of & fishing guide Toni Alavedra is to care, protect and respect the environment and always return to the sea, all Species that the customer is not going to eat.


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