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charterinad.com did a new shared fishing trip Barcelone #fishingworkshopbcn the last Sunday 11 de June 2023 in the afternoon. We started at 17:30..and We finished at 21:15..when the sun told by by..

We do profesional fishing charters Barcelone with our big and classic Laüt Menorquin yacht “ Es Cau” from Marina port Forum – Barcelone. 

We practiced three #fishing techniques: bottom fishing, jigging and trolling fishing with live bait. By trolling fishing we caught two bluefish.

By jigging fishing we caught mackerel and Horse mackerel …and

by bottom fishing We caught: snapper and red Sea bream .

We like to do: catch and release and We also help to clean the mediterranean sea .

We caught a swimming glasses by jigging..

Charterinad.com has 12 years of experience to do: Fishing charters , shared #fishing  trip Barcelone , #blueexperiencesbcn and events and Team building Adventures for company  in the Barcelone Sea. ..come to fish with the best #fishing team Barcelone .

charterinad.com do fishing charters Barcelone for families , for young people, children and old people. “ elderly “ ..Everybody  are welcome on board..We are very happy to learn to fish everybody! ..it’ s our passion..the sea, to fish, and shared nice adventures and experiences.

Charterinad.com have more 213 reviews 5 starts in trip Advisor ..the review about our customers is our security to shared with you great adventures and experiences in the Barcelone Sea. 

The news prices and Fishimng adventures in Barcelone:

  • Fishing Workshop Barcelona 3h1/2h – 100€/fisherman.*We need to find a minimum of 8 fishermen
  • Fishing trip Private. (3+1/2 hours)For Family -5 pax./3+1/2hours. Price: 720 €+ V.A.T = 870€-/boat private.
  • Fishing trip Private. (3+1/2 hours)For big group  5-10pax. Price: 785 €+ V.A.T- = 950€/boat private.
  • Fishing trip Private.(5 hours)For big groups 5-10 pax. Price: 950 €+ V.A.T= 1150€
  • Fishing trip Private all Day. (6 hours) Price: 1200 €+ V.A.T= 1452€
  • Gourmet Fishing trip Barcelona (5 hours) For small groups Max. 5pax. Price: 1200 €+ V.A.T= 1452€
  • Big Game Tuna Fishing trip. Private – Barcelona – 1900€+ V.A.T
You can read more about us in the website: charterinad.com and  following us:
Charter Inad - Fishing Barcelona


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Sant Adrià de Besòs, Barcelona 08930

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