regulation on board: Limit bag for fishing charters in Barcelona

Home / Blog / regulation on board: Limit bag for fishing charters in Barcelona –  Nautical Center to approved by the Generalitat de Catalunya – does private and shared sportsfishing tours from the Port Forum of Barcelona.

Our sport fishing activities are designed and carried out by a crew formed by an expert sport fishing guide: Toni Alavedra and the professional patron of recreational boats: -skipperinad.

Our long experience in sport fishing tours  focuses on 3 commitments

1- To offer a professional service aboard a llaüt Menorquin 150 “ Es Cau” 

2- To make interesting and fun recreational fishing experiences with a formative character .

3-To make interesting and fun  fishing experiences with a formative character. has a clear commitment to the protection of marine species, as well as to minimize our ecological footprint . Since We have promoted environmental care through recycling policies , the elimination as far as possible of the use of plastics on board and to do a sustainable fishing .

For this reason, and because we firmly believe that it is our obligation to care for and protect the sea, we implement a sustainable fisheries regulation on board: Limit  bag for fishing charters in Barcelona, where we will define the number of catches by clients, size and time of breeding to limit the fishing of the species during breeding. With the illusion of improving and raising awareness of the practice of sport fishing between fishermen and clients , the guide of sport fishing: Toni Alavedra has been responsible for designing and detailing a protocol, in order to enjoy fishing from boat while protecting and taking care of the species that inhabit it.

Below we detail with precision our catch-on-board policy , which is based on three basic aspects: 

A/ Size of catch,

B/ Catch quota per fisherman and boat.

C/ Time of rearing . During which these species CANNOT be caught.The regulation: Limit bag for charters in Barcelona & .We set out the following limitations on the number and size of catches that, depending on the time of year, we can fish in the sea of Barcelona.

The regulation drawn up by the fishing guide establishes a maximum of 3kg, plus the catch of a large species by fisherman.

A maximum catch equivalent to 15KG. 1 large piece per boat/exit.

For the sake of sport fishing and above all or the future of the next generations we need to educate and promote good practice , to achieve a global awareness based on caring and protecting the sea.

Without the species that inhabit it and with a polluted sea our future as a society is in serious danger. Now more than ever , we must fight together to denounce dangerous behavior that harms nature and its species and at the same time we must be respectful and act in accordance with our environmental principles. wants a sea without plastics, so we protect the sea and the species that inhabit it. Below is our sustainable fisheries regulation: BAG LIMIT FOR CHARTERS IN BARCELONA.

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