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Our proposal of tuna fishing output, will have a duration of 7hours, will start around 07:30 and will end at 14:30o’clock. We will sail a maximum of 30/40 miles nautical, until we find the tuna. The departure of tuna fishing, will start from the Forum port ( Barcelona) and the arrival will be in the same port.

The price of tuna fishing charter is: 1400€ / boat.
3 complete equipment of spinning of the tuna.
Professional fishing guide.
Breakfast on board.
Collective fishing license.
Fuel, skipper, final cleaning and insurance.

It is very important to inform all customers of the conditions of this Special Event Bcn by menorquin: tuna fishing in Barcelona:
-Not be fishing for tuna- Not to guarantee the fishing of the Tuna.
-Tuna fishing is without death. It will have to return them to the sea.
-It is necessary a good weather conditions. (will confirm the part 48hours before).
-The maximum of miles of navigation and the duration of the charter is limited. The radius of the port forum-browsing will be the Masnou to castelldefels.
-You can sell the charter square to square, but it is necessary a minimum of 4 people. The price per person for a charter square to square of 4 fishing is: €350 / person.
-Check availability. The charter period: end of the month of March to the beginning of the month of May.

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