We caught the first the Bluefish of 2016 in Barcelona.

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Charterinad.com did three fishing boat charters on the days: Friday 27 May, Saturday, may 28 and Sunday, may 29 ~ 2016 . Our did This three charters fishing and a classical charter in Barcelona Skyline, with our boat rental: Menorquin Yacht 150 “es cau” / Port Fòrum (Barcelona). 

The three charters fishing, they were special because we caught the first Bluefish of this season in Barcelona in 2016.
The Bluefish is fishing with live bait, a mackerel or a small horse mackerel. The bluefish is a great predator. Our excellent guide fishing: Toni Alavedra makes the lure through an elaborate technique, to be able to attract this big blue fish. The bluefish is a big fish, a good predator and tends to be a large, between 1, 5 kg – 4kg. During these three fishing tours barcelone we could catch two big bluefish… We returned the first capture while with the second bluefish, we did a barbecue in the restaurant of the Nautic Port of the Forum Port of Barcelona.
You can see the images of bluefish in the link: enlace: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8s7MXF6fQ0&sns=em.
Our philosophy is returned to the sea all those catches that customers go to eat. We recommend that customers do not carry out large massacres of fish, in order to protect our sea. Charterinad.com wants to raise awareness to all its customers of the need to protect the sea and its species, and we only take back those catches customers may wish to make a barbecue of fish caught in the Port Vell restaurant: One Ocean Club or restaurant: Port Nautic the Port Fòrum.
Charterinad.com offers an interesting offer extras to be more interesting and attractive in our offer in bbq of fish caught in our fishing boat trips Barcelone.
Breakfast on Board: Thypical food of catalonia. Price: 10€/pax. Price mininum: 40€
Bbq of fish. The prices of BBq of fish are:
BBQ fish caught in the restaurant: One Ocean Club 20€ / pax. It does not include drinks.
Bbq fish caught in the restaurant Nautic Port of the Port Forum: 8€ / pax. It does not include drinks.
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