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The government has the calendar for sailing and fishing in Barcelone after the phase 0 . You will be able to go sailing, fishing and leisure activities in nature, in phase I – From May 11 / 2020. Only for sailors and fishermen of Barcelone.  

“In Phase I” -Between May 11 to May 24 – You can go sailing on pleasure boats taking into account it as active and nature tourism for limited groups. 

The personal limitations provided for at this stage should be respected and measures to disinfect and strengthen health and hygiene standards should be taken 

It is important that on-board health safety guidelines and protocols are applied to reduce the health risks of nautical activities. The limitation of this phase is, in which our customers must belong to the same municipality: Barcelona where our nautical base is located.

While in phase II between the dates: May 25 to June 07, recreational and sports navigation will be allowed, within its consideration as active and nature tourism activities for wider groups of people, already without the limitation of residing in the same municipality, but yes in the same province.

The  Phase III – Will Start on Monday  7th June  of 2020  all activities will be authorized, without limitation, therefore, no longer geographical limits” and navigation can be done between provinces. 

The Directorate-General for Merchant Marine (DGMM) considers recreational and sports sailing as an activity of active and nature tourism. This fact is important because it considers recreational or sports sailing as an activity whose purpose is recreation or sport.

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