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On Friday 06/05/2022 make a nautical event for an international company with the  Menorquin BOAT yacht  ” ES CAU” /   nautical base: Port Forum of Barcelona. That  charter hired  for company, consisted of a “walk”  in front Barcelone by sea to discover the skyline of Barcelona, from the sea. A new point of view of the city of Barcelona, to enjoy this new prespective, without haste, without noise and without a private setting, in a classic Menorquin llaut and with a profesional crew, the Captain: @skipperinad .                                                                                                                                                 The company that hired this activity, was looking for a moment of relaxation and tranquility, after a hard week of work and meetings..and they found a relaxed, unhurried and peaceful atmosphere aboard a private and safe yacht. We combine the navigation in front of the skyline of Barcelona, with a taste of “ snacks and  fruits “  on board, based on snacks, salty pastas, cava, white wine and beer well ! ..all this accompanied by a pleasant music …After you get strong with the aperitif .. the bravest bathed and performed the classic jump from the bow of the boat .  Once the bath was finished and a shower took place, they decided to taste an excellent meal in the restaurant of the Port Forum: The raco Mariner. An amazing Mediterranean food, with quality products. 

Discover the classic Yacht  : Menorquin yacht “ es cau” from Port Fòrum  to enjoy the Barcelone  with family ! A compact space without losing any details . Take a look at our Menorquin yacht  and enjoy a unique holiday. I can offer you an excelent yacht : Menorquin with the profesional captain: @skipperinad and for sailing in the  barcelone Sea has a original and interest offer about our classic skyline charter  to celebrate nice events for company. It’s a great opportunity for:

Enjoying: in the Barcelone sea, with a big yacht and profesional staff and discovery a new Barcelone. You can swim in the Mediterranean Sea facing the Barcelona city skyline, or alternatively in the open sea. 

Relaxing ” You can relax and bask in the sun, lying on the comfortable mattress located at the ship’s prow” . 

The boat is very commodity and very  safety because it’s a big  classic yacht . 

We have three offers of classic charter Barcelone:

1-/Skyline Charter: 400€/ boat + VAT 21% = 485€  ~ 2h for 11 people.

2-/Classic charter: 580€/ boat + VAT 21% = 700€ ~ 4hours for 11 people.

3-/Sitges Trip from Barcelone: 1200€/boat + VAT 21% = 1452€ ~ 9hours for 11 people.

V.A.T not included.


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