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Everyone knows that Covid19 is a pandemic that affects the entire humanity without distinction on races, gender or religion. Currently our planet is sick as well as its human population. All the citizens are mostly confined, dying and without a clear future… The Planet is in a similar situation due to human action; Pollution levels are as high as ever, the natural resources are being consumed without consideration, and the diversity of the ecosystems are in a critical situation, as they have never been before. Finally the global warming effect, due to the combustion of oil, is changing the climate everywhere affecting not only the human specie but the rest of the species as well.

Both the humanity and the Planet Earth are in critical situation and definitely approaching, if not surpassed, a non-returning point, there are no simultaneous cures for both of us. Although the scientific community is working hard, as usual, to obtain a vaccine of Covid19 which is in expected to arrive next year in an optimistic scenario. In our hand we only have protection measures such as the confinement. The strategy to survive this pandemic is to spread the number of infections over the time as much as possible, avoiding collapsing the healthy system and so provide the medical attention that every individual requires. Ironically, the Earth is benefiting from the restrictive boundaries in which the humanity is living nowadays, as the air and water are getting cleaner day by day.

I believe we are receiving many alerting signals that indicate the severity of the current situation. To me, it is clear, that urgent measures to protect not only the environment but the ecosystems as well are necessary. We should start by facing the energy production crisis properly, and drastically invest to transform it into a cleaner, sustainable and more respectful to our planet Earth. The current energy production model is not sustainable in time and extending over time is not only a waste of it but also puts ourselves in a worse environment and therefore in worst future conditions.

Additionally we should re-consider our consumption habits and production and transport models, keeping our goal to revert the current tendency of global warming if possible, and if not flatten it as much as possible for future generations of all living species. Working collectively to inform, educate and making everybody conscious of the situation is probably the first step. The society should resonate coherently to reach everybody, from politicians to ordinary citizens. Now more than ever we should listen to scientists, researchers and the entire scientific community in order to understand the severity of the situation, accept the required actions to be applied and use the tools an skills at our hand to protect both the planet and ourselves.

Among all the present and future consequences of the Coronavirus, one should be deeper and thoughtful reflexion of each individual, hopefully some of the conclusions are fairly aligned for a better future. The current historic moment that we are living should be taken as an inflexion point of our relationship with our planet. The post-coronavirus humanity should be more respectful with the Earth, more conscious of being part of whole system and thus define more sustainable, cleaner and efficient energy, production, consumption and transportation models. It is the moment to listen the UN recommendations carefully and take them as an obligation to define the new social development objectives (SDO). From an individual to a society point of view, we should think and work collectively and be the changing mechanism to stop the current boundary-free capitalism that we have created an start promoting realistic measures that protect our planet and therefore ourselves.


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